Waiting on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge

35mm f/2, Canon 5D Mark3, Chris Lavaud, color, London, Photography, Street photography



6 thoughts on “Waiting on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge

  1. For me, too much car, not enough people, but this sure tells a story of wealth and privilege. London has it all and I like that you are showing it all in this blog.

    1. Katherine actually, I not only shows people in fesant not that of “street photography” with my photos but a broader vision, addressing a personal vision more documentary of ordinary life that shows in this case in London different layers of society. This photo was taken in front of a luxury store and obviously the drivers expect their bosses, I have taken a car of course, but there were three. We live in a society where cash is king and leads the planet, and when I say money, I intend on banks, then my concern is growing about himself awaits us in the near future and especially in the euro area. But I see my role of photographer with my sensitivity that is mine is any shooter!

      1. Yes, I can see that vision in your work. It reminds me of the recent controversy about Steve McCurry altering his work which brought up issues of his imperialist view of developing countries, particularly India. He entirely omits the things that don’t fit into the fantasy of India as a tourist Mecca, (seriously suspect behaviour as a photojournalist) whereas you deliberately seek out things that represent London in all its glorious manifestations.

      2. Indeed, it is very important for me to be honest and to transcribe what I see. It is not about to withdraw or hide some thing to please a number or go into a certain mold. I definitely want to keep my integrity and my freedom of speech intact.

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