Brexit*, black friday in London

35mm f/2, Canon 5D Mark3, Chris Lavaud, color, London, monochrome, Photography, Street photography




*Brexit : “British Exit”.


8 thoughts on “Brexit*, black friday in London

  1. Maybe everything will be better. The media gladly describe everything as negative as possible. But, really, who knows what the future will be. Few if any.

    1. In the medium term, the Brexit means a decline in the UK. The immediate problem is that of the slide of the pound against the euro. It could also in a few months will follow a domino effect in the euro area, with any country wishing to leave the euro, and there, I think, would be a disaster, everyone plunge! Remember The city London is the financial center in the world, I do not see how all Europe would not impact by this decision, but let’s stay optimistic!

      1. I am quite sure that it calms down after a while. The reaction is of course exaggerated, for England dared. While all countries have the trade with a lot of countries outside the EU, so I do not understand the problem. You will also find new ways to solve problems. I am an optimist too. Must still be nice to not have the square bureaucracy. It would be better if countries were more independent than they are today.

      2. I agree with you, but it should we at least in France competent political and able to implement the right reforms. We have demonstrations and strikes has rehearsals, disgruntled people, people in distress, in poverty and still more violence becaufe these people are not heard by leaders.
        In any decision there are winners and losers. Winners: Eurosceptics, the Scottish independence, the food industry (for new tariffs). The losers: the European institutions and their respective governments, the British Eurocrats, the City, the british car (for their production lines) and energy (oil and off-shore).
        Good news, or spiral. We will see the results of the vote in a few weeks.

  2. It is really hard to build something valuable and too easy to ruin. I am optimist but I am not sure this move is smart British people decision. In case the nowadays World was stable and excellent it was OK, but one more instability for situation in the World absolutely unpredictable.

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